Tip for a responsible treat: Crocodile Fruities!

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Tip for a responsible treat: Crocodile Fruities!

Looking for a responsible treat to hand out at school or child care?
These Crocodile Fruities are the perfect treat. 100% organic, with no artificial additives or refined sugars. ⁣


What you need

- Bag of Fruities (1 for each crocodile)
- thick green and blue paper
- black and white paper (or stickers of eyes)
- small coloured circles. Stickers, or made with a hole punch.
- pegs



Getting started

For the head, use this image twice.  Trace onto thick green and blue paper and cut them out.
Cut off the circles from the back of the head. For the top of the head, fold them up. Stick the eye stickers or black and white circles on there.

For the nose, cut two circles (blue or green) and stick them on.

For the body, cut a strip of blue or green paper to be about 4 x 30 cm. Fold the strip back and forward at around 1,5 cm intervals. Cut the last bit into a triangle for the tail.

Use a hole punch to make coloured circles, or use stickers, and stick these wherever you like on the head and the tail. 

Stick the front of the body to the bottom of the head. Glue a peg between the two parts of the head so that the mouth can open.

Clamp a bag of Fruities in the peg.

Place the Crocodile Fruities on a serving tray or in a basket and your responsible treat is ready to be handed out.



Information about these organic Fruities

As sweet as normal sweets, but made with apple juice, strawberry, raspberry and apricot. There's a tiny bit of rice flour to keep Fruities from being sticky, and the citrus pectin ensures that it keeps exactly the right texture.

It's all 100% organic because we say 'no way' to chemical pesticides.