7x #smalldilemma snack time solution

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7x #smalldilemma snack time solution

It could be at a party, or when you're all watching something on the television, or perhaps you're playing a board game together. You know that the request 'can we have a snack?' won't be far off. So... what do you choose?

In this blog we offer 7 solutions to this dilemma. If you get creative, your kids won't crave deep-fried chips, salty snacks, chocolates or jars full of lollies. 


1. Fruit skewers

You can make this together with your child(ren). Take a skewer and fill it with pieces of fresh fruit, such as strawberries, apple, grapes and pineapple. You can also create an alternative with vegetables instead. Or set a challenge to make each skewer a different colour. Which fruits and vegetables are red? Or turn it into a rainbow.


2. Vegetable dippers

Cut different vegetables, such as capsicum, carrot and cucumber, into thin, long sticks. You can add tomatoes to a skewer. Pop them in a tall glass and serve them with some (homemade) hummus or yoghurt dip.


3. Surfers and Dachshunds

If you feel like having a savoury snack, our organic Surfers and Dachshunds are perfect for a fun afternoon. Pour these tasty snacks into a bowl and the job is done. Have you ever eaten a dachshund on a surfboard?


4. Mini sandwiches

Cut slices of wholemeal bread into fun shapes like hearts, stars and circles. Let your child turn them into delicious sandwiches. You can fill them with cucumber, tomato or cheese. You can also add our Mango & Pumpkin or Strawberry & Beetroot spreads.


5. Roasted chickpeas

Did you know you can roast chickpeas? They are the perfect savoury snack. You can tinned chickpeas or those jar. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Drain the pot or can and then pat the chickpeas dry with a tea towel. Pour the chickpeas into a bowl and add some olive oil and herbs or spices. For example, paprika powder is a great flavour for roasted chickpeas. Mix thoroughly and spread the chickpeas on a baking tray lined with baking paper and bake for around 50 minutes. Let them cool for a moment, and it's time to enjoy these healthy savoury snacks!


6. Peanuts or walnuts

Kids really enjoy shelling peanuts or cracking open walnuts. And these nuts are also a healthy snacking option. It's a perfect combination!


7. Apple with peanut butter

This is a classic combo. Cut the apple into slices of about half a centimetre. Spread them with some organic peanut butter made from 100% peanuts, or another nut butter, and then top with another slice of apple. They look just like sandwiches and are irresistible. And your child gets a nice dose of fruit and nuts.