This is how to teach your child to drink more water

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Your child has an innate preference for sweet things, such as sugary drinks, biscuits and sweets. This puts you, as a parent, in a difficult position. Do you make them drink water, or allow them to have a (unhealthier) sweet drink? These tips will make it easier to choose water.

Sweet drinks are often one of the worst unrecognised 'sugar bombs'. One glass of fruit cordial or concentrated fruit juice can contain between 2 and 5 cubes of sugar! And you don't want that in your kid's body. These liquid sugars end up in their blood way too quickly, because they are not 'packaged' with other complex substances, which are still present in an entire apple for example. It also takes up space in your little one's tummy, so they feel too full to eat healthy things.


The best option is to give your child water. These tips will make that even easier.


1. Don't let your little one get used to sweet drinks

Your baby will need additional fluids from 6 months upwards. At this stage, the choice is easy: start offering your child water or cooled baby tea. If your little one isn't used to sweet drinks, it won't be hard to teach them.


2. Make drinking water fun.

Add a few raspberries, strawberries or other berries to add a touch of sweetness. A jug with mint and cucumber is also a tasty and healthy alternative.


3. And if you do want to opt for a sweet drink? Add water to it.

So kids should never have sweet drinks? Of course they can have sweet drinks, just in moderation (no more than 1 glass a week). Make sure your child knows this is a special occasion and add water to it.



Are you familiar with our organic fruit and herbal tea?

It's made with mango, camomile and rosehip. A perfect alternative to sweet drinks full of sugar. And great for making iced tea. You can also add this fruit and herb mix to a glass of cold water to add a great flavour. It's suitable for babies from 6 months, but older children will also love it. Add it to a water bottle to take to school, for example.


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