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Organic Fruit & Herbal Tea


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This organic fruit and herbal tea is perfect for children from 6 months old, but bigger kids will also enjoy this as a tasty alternative to sweet drinks. You can serve the tea warm, or add it to a glass of cold water. Let it steep for a while and your healthy drink with no added sugar is ready to go! And that's great because it means your little one won't consume any unnecessary sugars. We're sure your little one will be a fan of this fruitful and cheerful drink in no time.

Tip: Give this tea as a lunch drink, delicious as an iced tea with a slice of lemon or warm in a thermos flask. 

Camomile* 50%, mango* 30%, rosehip* 20%
* organic origin


Contents: 30 grams (15 bags of 2 grams)

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