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Organic Dates


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We had to look for a replacement for our Apricots, because these became too high in price. Fortunately, we found it in organic mini dates, which also do not contain sulfite. Sulfite contains sulfur and serves as a preservative. In our opinion, this absolutely does not belong in children's tummies, and therefore you will not find it in our organic Dates. The Dates are rich in fiber, copper and iron. And that’s great, because this way your little one gets a tasty nutritious snack, but no unnecessary additives. And of course they come in our cute little portion boxes.

Tip: At home, it's warmer than in the store. Because we do not use sulfites, it’s best to store the Dates at home in the refrigerator.

Dates* 95%, rice flour* 5%
* organic origin


Rich in iron
Rich in copper

Iron contributes to children's cognitive functions.

Contents: 140 grams

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