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About us

De Kleine Keuken has a big goal: to enable every child to grow up healthy and full of energy. That's why we help parents and carers to make the best choices for their children. We will show you that it doesn't have to be hard to make the right choices when it comes to nutrition and care. 

Our motto: Because big changes begin with small steps

Our team

Kirsten Founder If she gets the chance Kirsten will spend all day talking about the importance of good nutrition and care. Nothing can stop her mission. She's a food technologist and entrepreneur, and she has 3 kids, so she knows exactly what she's talking about.
Linda Managing Director When speaking Linda is always looking for a win-win situation. And once she's got something in her head, she's not going to let go of it anytime soon. She goes boxing every week, because there is no such thing as doing things by halves. But she does let her 3-year-old son win when they wrestle.
Simone Communications & Marketing Communicating with a clear message and mission, that's what really float Simone's boat. Communication is about connecting. Personal interaction, text and images that hit home, a consistent house style and good conversations.
Rosanne Quality & Food Expert Only the very best is good enough for Rosanne. She knows everything about quality and how food works inside the body. So bring on all your questions! Because this food expert with a passion for natural food will answer them all.
Gina Online Communication Germany Conquer German hearts. That’s what Gina does, day in, day out. What she loves most? Working on creative content and interesting dialogues via all of our online channels. Focus on connection is key. And that’s exactly what she tries to instil in her two children too.
Marlous Sales Manager Building sustainable relationships? Leave it to Marlous. As a Sales Manager, she is constantly working to help us achieve the goals set. She is genuinely interested in what people have to say and always lends a listening ear. This hard-working mother of two promotes our mission every day. 
Nadine Order & Customer Service Specialist Nadine is the expert all retailers and suppliers turn to for timely order delivery. She loves nothing more than to achieve top-notch results. At home, she enjoys preparing healthy meals for her two children. Every child deserves only the very best nutrients, and that’s exactly what Nadine likes to put on the table. 
Helen NPD Manager Good food can really make the difference. As a former top athlete and food technologist, Helen knows this better than anyone. She believes only the best products should be developed. As a mum of three young children, she puts theory into practice at home too, although she admits that can be quite challenging at times.
Mira Logistiek Manager Careful planning and excellent problem-solving skills are what Mira is known for. With her passion for logistics, she ensures that our customers and consumers benefit every day from a well-stocked shelf. Together with her husband and two small children, she prefers walking or cycling into nature, looking for a good adventure.
Kerstin Sales Manager DE  Giving up is not in our Kerstin's dictionary. According to her, there is always another option as long as you keep communicating. With her extensive experience in the food industry, she ensures that we are on more and more German shelves. Together with her husband, she regularly goes on motorcycle tours and offers a home to several animals from the shelter.

Our story

We started making fresh, organic meals for kids in 2012. Simply because felt that the bland jars of baby food that we found in the supermarkets weren't enough to allow our kids to develop healthy eating habits. A child should taste, smell and touch the food it eats. Every bite should be full of valuable nutrients. So no empty calories. Then we asked all the parents we met: 'What would you like to be able to find at the supermarkets tomorrow? Which healthy products are missing?'

Answers to parents' questions
To meet the parents' requests, we made bread toppings, biscuits and snacks. But less sweet, so children don't develop a taste for sweetness from a young age. And with valuable ingredients, such as whole grains, vegetables and fruit. We still ask ourselves every day: what could be healthier, tastier, better? We stay critical and like receiving feedback.

Open and available to all
We are open and communicate in a clear way. We're a normal, accessible company near Zeist. You're welcome to come for a cup of coffee and talk about food or how to care for our bodies with us. 

You're the one who chooses what your child will eat to develop a strong body, one that is ready to face the future. Our biggest motivation is to help parents feed and care for their children in the healthiest way possible. Making the right decisions. But you've got to keep a sense of humour, of course.

Experienced parents and food technologists
Because we're experienced parents, we know the things you struggle with. That it's a challenge to find the balance between guiding kids and letting them be independent. As food technologists and experts, we try to create a strong basis to follow that sentiment. So that when you buy our products, you never have to look at the back of the box to check the ingredients. That you'll know they're full of goodness. Because all our products are made with love. Exactly the food we want give our own children.